The military is telling everyone to stay inside and be safe. They haven’t hurt anyone. Erdogan is telling people to go out in the streets and riot for him (and maybe get hurt in the process). If this isn’t proof enough that he doesn’t give a shit about the turkish people I feel sorry for you.


What is currently known about the coup/attempted coup in Turkey:

  • Military claim to have taken power
  • Social media has been blocked (Twitter, Facebook and Youtube)
  • Government treating the coup as a minor disturbance/claiming it is over
  • Military have taken control of Turkish state news and confiscated phones from staff members
  • The country’s most senior general is apparently being held hostage 
  • Ataturk Airport has been closed  According to state media all airports are now closed
  • Turkish President has been taken to a “safe place”
  • Gunfire has been heard in Ankara
  • Reports of Turkish police and Turkish army clashing
  • Turkish media are claiming soldiers have entered the offices of the ruling party and told everyone to leave the building
  • Military are allegedly trying to enforce a curfew
  • Military have released an update claiming the country is now run by a “peace council” to ensure the safety of the population
  • Martial law has been imposed according to state media
  • Unconfirmed yet, but there are claims of heavy gunfire coming from the area of the presidential palace
  • Turkish President Erdogan has appeared via FaceTime claiming to be in control, that the coup will be dealt with by the morning and that he will punish the leaders of the coup. He also urged people to take to the streets in support of him.
  • UPDATE: Guns fired in Taksim Square in Istanbul, claims of a standoff between military and police.
  • UPDATE: Turkish state media has gone off the air
  • UPDATE: Reports of a large explosion heard in Ankara

I will update this post as more things become known


Just because your inner child is dead, doesn’t mean you should try to kill the child in other people. If someone wants to enjoy Pokemon, or Finding Dory, or Star Wars – just let them. There is enough in this world to take joy from us without it being taken because of some pseudo maturity complex.